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Faculty and staff salary

Method of Salary Payment
For faculty and staff of the university, the following items of income are paid to their individual bank accounts (passbooks or bank cards) through the payroll agency service of entrusted banks: Salaries, performance allowances, subsidies for settling in, house repair and property management costs, allowance for administration work in the Party or the administrative organizations of the university, rewards, service subsidies, etc.

Entrusted Payroll Banks:
From July 2010, faculty and staff in Guangzhou can open passbook and/or bank card accounts for payment use in any of the following four banks: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China and China City Bank. For those working on Zhuhai Campus, salaries are paid through Bank of China, Zhuhai Branch.

[Tips]: Your basic salary is paid into your university payroll account. Non-salary income can be paid into the same account, or into other bank accounts registered at the finance staff of the unit in which you work. Some units may require accounts of an appointed bank for payment of non-salary income

Register or Modify Your Individual Passbook or Bank Card Account
New faculty and staff members are required to register their passbook or bank card accounts at the Department of Campus Card Services for receiving salaries and allowances.
If you need to change your payroll account for some reason, e.g. when your card is lost or damaged, please apply for a change of registration at the Campus Card Center as soon as possible with your ID card, Work Card and new passbook or bank card.

For fixed faculty and staff (including emeritus), salary and performance allowances are usually paid before the 10th day of the month, house repair and property management subsidies before the 15th, and administration subsidy for the Party and the administrative staff before the 20th.
Salary of non-fixed faculty and staff (including research post-doctors) are usually paid before the 15th day of the month.
The salary of contract employees is paid before 5th of the next month.
The salary of project-based working assistants is paid before 28th of the month.
Rewards, service fees and other allowances for faculty and staff are usually paid after the monthly payrolls provided by your unit are checked and submitted to entrusted banks by the Accounting Department. Please click on the link for the Salary and Personal Income Tax System on the homepage of the Office of Finance and University Assets and log in ( to check payment details or print payroll.

If you have payment-related questions, please contact the following units with corresponding responsibility:
Salary of fixed staff (including emeritus), Non-fixed staff and project-based working assistants; Settling-in Allowances; Subsidy for house repair and property management; Administrative subsidy; Pensions of retired fixed staff; University internal allowance, Single-child subsidy:

Labor Relation Section, Human Resource Department     Telephone: 84110433
Salaries of contract employees; Social insurance of non-fixed faculty and staff, contract employee and project-based working assistants
Talent Exchange Center, Human Resource Department     Telephone: 84112588
Salary of research post-doctors
Post-doctoral Administrative Office                  Telephone: 84111783
Housing allowance after deduction; Rent after deduction; Housing allowance; Housing deposit; Borrowing and repaying
Property Management Department                Telephone: 84113999     

Salary Payment Failures
Payment records can be checked on the Salary and Personal Income Tax System. For payment failures, you can try the following options. One is to receive your payment in cash or by bank card at the Payment Management and Infrastructure Finance Section, Room 209, Yifu Building on the South Campus or the Accounting Departments on other campuses. Option two involves registering for another bank account at the Campus Card Center. Please be notified that the new account should be opened at the same bank as the original one. If not, you can only use the first option. The Salary and Payment Section submits renewed payroll data of failed payment to banks regularly.