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Student Medical Security

According to Guidance on Extending the Pilot Project of Urban Resident Basic Medical Insurance to College Students and Students of Secondary Vocational School and Technical Schools in Guangdong issued by Guangdong Provincial Labor and Social Security Department) (GDPLSD), the Department of Education of Guangdong Province, the Department of Finance of Guangdong Province and the Department of Civil Affairs of Guangdong Province (No. [2009]29, GDPLSD), all full-time undergraduates and full-time postgraduates are required to participate in resident basic medical insurance. As the law of local management requires, new students in Guangzhou participate in Guangzhou (see Attachment 1) at RMB 80 per person year, while new students in Zhuhai (see Attachment 2) participate in Zhuhai at RMB 85 per person year. The insurance fee will be deducted along with the tuition and fees.

Students with severe disabilities, and those living with subsistence security allowances or supported by special care policies, should submit to their schools or departments copies of valid certificates (subsistence security certificate, lower income certificate, or primary or secondary disability certificate, special care certificate) issued by the Department of Civil Affairs or Disabled Persons’ Federation at or above county level, along with copies of citizen ID cards and copies of Household Register books, which will be examined by the Department of Civil Affairs of Guangzhou or Zhuhai. If they are qualified for and granted with financial aid for medical care insurance, the university will return the fee back to the students’ individual accounts after receiving the aid from the Department of Civil Affairs.
Students who won’t participate in medical security need to fill out the confirmation letter (see Attachment 3), which must be signed by the student, their parents, instructors or mentors and should be submitted to the university upon reporting. Students without submitting the confirmation letter within the first week of the semester will be considered participants. For non-participants, the university will return the deducted fees after confirmation.

Students from Guangzhou who are already covered by the municipal Urban Resident Basic Medical Insurance before enrollment need to halt the previous insurance so as to participate at Sun Yat-sen University.
Inquiry Hotline: Office of Public Medical Care, Sun Yat-sen University: 84114118, 87333085
Provincial and Municipal Labor Security: 12333

Office of Public Medical Care of Sun Yat-sen University
July 5, 2011

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Office of Finance and University Assets:
Attachment 1: Guide to the Participation of Urban Resident Basic Medical Insurance for Students on SYSU Guangzhou Campuses
Attachment 2: Guide to the Participation of Urban Resident Basic Medical Insurance for Students on SYSU Zhuhai Campus
Attachment 3: Disclamation (template)

(The policy is subject to change; please refer to the latest version.)